Ride #4 for the beginner mountain-biking wife, Lesilie. Today we went to Oak Mountain and did the Lake Trail in both directions several times. It is about 2.5 miles in one direction. There are several sections that have some very loose gravel so the first trip through she was having some major concerns and trepidation. Our buddy Mike was able to join us today as well.

This was a very hot ride ranging from 85-90 degrees with a ton of humidity. On our second repeat of the trail, we were followed and passed by one of the local “Steel City She” racers. Caitlin is one of the fastest ladies in town. Mike was in front of me and didn’t realize she was an elite level racer so, thinking I’d have a little fun, about 20 seconds later, after she passed… I said..  “You aren’t going to let her go, are you Mike?” So he took off like a rocket to chase down this 100 lb  rider.  Smiling, we just cruised along learning the best “lines” to take through the corners. About a mile and a half or so we caught back up to Mike. He told us that he eventually closed the gap to Caitlin. Apparently she noticed him at some point and let out a  small giggle and proceeded to show him why she is on the podium at most races. Mike was amused and laughing about it for the rest of the ride. He’d been “chicked”.

We ended our ride at about 10 miles with Lesilie, who is doing better on every ride, ended this one with a smile on her face. Today was the first ride with zero  crashes and several victories with the more challenging rocky/root sections. At the end of the ride, Lesilie took off running up peavine road and proceeded to run about 4 miles while Mike and I got in about 5 more on the knobby tires. This is a pretty amazing process to see my wife learning a new sport. Topping it off, today was also our 6th wedding anniversary. What a great way to spend it with my wife and the best man from our wedding.