mudhoVery interesting bike ride today. My “roadie/triathlete” wife has been very scared of riding a mountain-bike since we started riding together. I made the mistake of bringing her to a very challenging trail on her first ride. Well, she broke her toe… on a log…  end of “off-road”…  it was 2008

This morning, my darling wife actually asked me to teach her some basic skills at a local park. Absolutely stunned, I pulled down her old Single-Speed HT and put a big wide knobby tire on the front.

We chose a small park several miles from the house. Somewhere around 75 acres of ball parks, little bridges, creek crossings and some small connector trails and a slightly more challenging loop around the outside perimeter.

It had rained the day before, so there was some slick mud at the low spots. I hit one of the culverts at a pretty quick speed and nearly crashed right in front of numerous parents with young children.  Lesilie did amazing today, conquering the roots on the far back side after only 2 attempts. Overall we rode over 10 miles. This could be a huge shift in our cycling lifestyle at this point. We are most likely going to tackle a slightly more advanced trail system next weekend.  Stay tuned…